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Truxxx - About Us

Truxxx Lift and Leveling Kits

Truxxx Distribution ltd

Truxxx is the original leveling kit company; every leveling kit on the market today is a derivative of a Truxxx Lift and Level kit in one way or another.

We found a need when I couldn't buy what I wanted for my shiny new Dodge Ram 1500 or my F350 Dually I used to haul the big trailer to all the races. I was running around the country running a motorcycle company, spending most of my days in one truck or the other and it made me nuts I couldn't find a way to make my truck look right.

A typical 4" or 6" lift kit was too big to be practical when you need your truck to be used as a truck or you have to tow a 30+ foot goose neck trailer and besides, the cool wheels and tires I wanted just wouldn't fit on either truck unless they were lifted! So with the help of some talented people and an idea, Truxxx was born. We started the leveling kit segment in 2004 now we have applications for over 600 trucks and SUV’s and we are adding more every month!.

Truxxx manufactures our entire product line in Canada or the USA using the best materials we can find, we use the best tools and we try to make the best products we can for your truck or SUV.

By doing this, we are able to manufacture precise perfect fitting products each and every time! Shortcuts and cost saving techniques that can compromise safety are not something we do. Others will, we won't.

We make our kits everyday. That's right, we don't import them from some overseas country. We don't have Uncle Willy copy them from somebody else and use cheap parts doing it. We make our products in as locally as we can, sourcing parts from business in our neighborhood when possible and if not, we find the best supplier we can that is located in Canada or the Usa and we use them!

By using the best suppliers (never the cheapest or overseas or built by the accounting department instead of the engineering dept) we are able to build the best product!

By supporting as many local business as we can we can also make sure to support local economies!

We do this because we think it matters. We try and support our community and keep our suppliers as local as possible. It also makes it really easy to do business, we are able to make what you want in a quick and easy timeline . We can change our production of part numbers daily, hourly if we need to…we don’t make a 1000 of one part number and then 500 of another…if you only need one, we make it, if you need 500 we make it…every part number was probably a sheet of steel 48 hours or so before shipping!

We have one goal, keep it simple and make people happy!

Ease of installation, great customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee return policy is company policy…this means if anyone ever has an issue, we simply fix it or give them their money back, no questions asked. Truxxx Lift & Level kits are designed using OEM drawings and as many OEM parts as possible…if you want something you don't see listed, call us, we will proably be able to come up with the parts you want and if not, tell you why you can't and give you the best option we know to make it right!

Truxxx products all carry a lifetime warranty and satisfaction guarantee; if you’re not happy with our product we’ll make it right!


Best Regards,

Darren Pilling
President - CEO